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New book by Jenna Ng

The Post-Screen Through Virtual Reality, Holograms and Light Projections: Where Screen Boundaries Lie, by Jenna Ng, is published this week by  Amsterdam University Press. Can't wait to read it! 

New book by Katharina Loew

Special Effects and German Silent Film: Techno-Romantic Cinema, by Katharina Loew is out now, also from Amsterdam University Press. This is essential reading for anyone interested in film history, and special effects beyond Hollywood.

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The Digital Face and Deepfakes on Screen

Lisa Bode, Dominic Lees, and Dan Golding have co-edited a special issue of Convergence, “The Digital Face and Deepfakes on Screen”. This issue features articles by several of our members: Dan Golding, Lisa Bode, Mihaela Mihailova, Christopher Holliday, Dominic Lees, Tanine Allison, and Drew Ayers. 

Angela Ndalianis and Henry Jenkins in conversation 

Angela Ndalianis joins eminent fan and cult media studies scholar, Henry Jenkins for this accessible and thought-provoking discussion, “On Multisensory and Transmedia Stories: A Conversation between Angela Ndalianis and Henry Jenkins”, Journal of Media Literacy, vol.12, issue 3, 20

Jason Kennedy attained his PhD

Congratulations to Jason Kennedy, who is now Dr Jason, as he successfully defended his PhD "Acting and Its Double: A Practice-Led Investigation of the Nature of Acting Within Performance Capture".

New Article by Brooke Belisle

Brooke Belisle has recently published an article in Art in America on histories of VR. A History of Presence is well worth the read:

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