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Tara Lomax

Tara Lomax


Tara is completing a PhD in screen studies at the University of Melbourne and is a Higher Education Curriculum Writer at the Australian College of the Arts (Collarts) in Melbourne. Her research covers various areas of contemporary Hollywood entertainment, with specific focus on blockbuster franchising, multi-platform creative development, the aesthetics of world-building, and VFX production cultures. She has published in the journals Senses of Cinema and Quarterly Review of Film and Video, as well multiple edited collections in the field of entertainment media. Her research into VFX is concerned with questions of location and temporality in digital post-production and the relationship between Australian VFX creative labour and Hollywood production.

Areas of Focus

multi-platform entertainment, world-building aesthetics, digital visual effects industries and post-production cultures

Relevant Publications

Make it Post: Digital Visual Effects and the Temporality of Creative Value in Post-Production

Cannibalizing Montage: Slicing, Dicing, and Splicing in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal

Post-Hollywood: The Illusion of Location in Melbourne’s Post, Digital, and Visual Effects Industry

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