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Drew Ayers

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Drew Ayers is an Assistant Professor of Film and Director of the Film Program at Eastern Washington University, where he teaches, researches, and writes on the subjects of cinema, visual culture, digital technology, visual effects, and nonhuman theory. The author of Spectacular Posthumanism: The Digital Vernacular of Visual Effects (Bloomsbury, 2019), Drew’s work has also been published in Animation, Configurations, Film Criticism, and various edited anthologies. Drew also serves as a board member and programmer for the Spokane International Film Festival.

Areas of Focus

embodiment, phenomenology, performance capture, posthumanism, digital de-aging, image technology and production, digital space, action film, digital aesthetics

Relevant Publications

The Limits of Transactional Identity: Whiteness and Embodiment in Digital Facial Replacement

Spectacular Posthumanism: The Digital Vernacular of Visual Effects

“The Multilocal Self: Performance Capture, Remote Surgery, and Persistent Materiality”

“Humans without Bodies: DNA Portraiture and Biocybernetic Reproduction”

“The Composite Body: Action Stars and Embodiment in the Digital Age”

“Chimeras and Hybrids: The Digital Swarms of the Posthuman Image”

“Bleeding Synthetic Blood: Flesh and Simulated Space in 300”

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