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Lisa Purse

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Lisa Purse is Professor in Film and Head of the Department of Film, Theatre & Television at the University of Reading. The author of Digital Imagining in Popular Cinema (Edinburgh University Press, 2013), she has published much on the aesthetic dimensions of digital visual effects, digital cinematography, ad digital 3-D, the body in contemporary action cinema, and the screen mediation of war and geopolitical conflicts. Broadly, her research is concerned with relationships between aesthetics and the politics of representation in cinema, and constructions of the body and physicality in post-studio mainstream cinema. She is currently working with Lisa Bode on a project to historicize digital visual effects on screen from the 1970s to the present.  

Areas of Focus

aesthetic qualities of dvfx; digital vfx and the body;  space and duration in digital cinema; digital textures and compositing  

Relevant Research

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