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Jason Kennedy

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Jason Kennedy was born in the United States and obtained a BA in studio art (Albion College, Albion, MI, 2004), a MFA in electronic art (University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2007), and a PhD in acting in performance capture (Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand, 2021). He is a Senior Lecturer and Animation Pathway Leader in the Digital Design department at Auckland University of Technology. As both an actor and an animator, his research examines how our understanding of acting is challenged by modern animation and motion capture practices. He is also interested in the role of identity and immortality vis-à-vis digital representations of self, and how animation and palaeontology have led to advances and insights across both fields.

Dr Kennedy is a practicing artist with work in 3D animation, 3D fine art, video projection, and acting. 

Areas of Focus

3D animation, performance capture, motion capture, synthespians, photogrammetry, acting, palaeontology

Relevant Publications

Acting and Its Double: A Practice-Led Investigation of the Nature of Acting Within Performance Capture

Vactor Ontologies: Framing Acting Within a Motion Capture Context (in press)

Cataloguing Vactors by Performance Style and Genre in Films from 2010-2013 (in press)

Cataloguing vactors by performance style in films from 2010

Critiquing the screen presence of synthespian counterparts

Acting-centred definitions of vactors, synthespians, and digital doubles

The protean double: Critiquing the screen Presence of synthespian counterparts

The animator’s (missing) hand: How practice informs seeing in 3D animation

Automation versus animation: a case for the affective potential of CG animation

Gauging meaningful reference performance in animation and motion capture

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