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Aylish Wood

Aylish Wood


Aylish Wood is Professor in Animation and Film Studies in Film and Media at the University of Kent. She has published extensively on various aspects of VFX, animation and computer games. Her research moved from an initial emphasis on the impact animation technologies on constructions of visual space in film and animation, to a study of software and how artists use it. Her recent research continues to engage with VFX and animation software and its production culture. She is currently interested in the introduction of AI systems to VFX and animation production.

Areas of Focus

Production culture of software used in VFX, animation and games production; digital culture and software; animation, games, and VFX; AI.

Relevant Publications

Software, Animation and the Moving Image: What's in the Box?

Digital Encounters

Mad Max: Fury Road and the toxic storm: the transcalar possibilities of digital images

Intangible spaces: Three-dimensional technology in Hugo and IMAX in The Dark Knight

Where do Shapes Come From?

Re-animating Space

Inception's Timespaces

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