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Anna Broinowski

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Anna Broinowski is a globally published filmmaker and author who documents subversive socio-political subjects. She has been using VFX in her documentaries since Hell Bento!! Uncovering the Japanese Underground (1995), and is fascinated by cinematic illusion and magic. Other films include Aim High in Creation! (about North Korean propaganda cinema); Forbidden Lie$ (about US hoax-author Norma Khouri); and Helen’s War (about anti-nuclear crusader Dr Helen Caldicott). Anna’s two books are The Director is the Commander (Penguin: 2015) and Please Explain (Penguin/Random House: 2017). She lectures in screen arts at Sydney University.

Areas of Focus

Fake online political video, propaganda film, North Korean cinema, documentary, synthetic media and the use of deepfake technology in art and film.

Relevant Publications

Deepfake Nightmares, Synthetic Dreams: A Review of Dystopian and Utopian Discourses Around Deepfakes, and Why the Collapse of Reality May Not Be Imminent—Yet

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