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Kartik Nair

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Kartik Nair is an Assistant Professor in  the Department of Film and Media at Temple University. His current book project focuses on the production, regulation, and circulation of horror films in 1980s' India. Nair's research interests include the phenomenology of effects spectatorship, realist film theory, and mise en scene as an archive of historical film practices. His writing has appeared in Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies, Film Quarterly, and the edited volume Terror and the Cinematic Sublime. 

Areas of Focus

the phenomenology of effects spectatorship; the CGI body; prosthetic makeup effects in Indian horror cinema

Relevant Publications

Unfinished Bodies: The Sticky Materiality of Prosthetic Effects, Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, April 2021 (forthcoming)

Taste, Taboo, Trash: The Story of the Ramsay Brothers

Plummeting to the Pavement: The Fall of the Body in Spider-Man

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