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Jordan Gowanlock

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Jordan is a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley’s Department of Film & Media and a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Fonds de Recherche du Québec. He has published research on Pixar Studio’s approach to management in the journal Animation and on the changing promotional function of computer graphics “tech demos” in an edited collection titled Animation and Advertising. He is currently working on a monograph titled Fully Nonlinear about the institutional, economic, and discursive history of parametric animation tools. His current research uses data analytics to study the economics of research and development in the visual effects industry.

Areas of Focus

The history of science and technology, VFX industrial economics, VFX R&D, Simulation, VFX pipelines, VFX workflows, VFX management.

Relevant Research

Animating Management: Nonlinear Simulation and Management Theory at Pixar

Promoting Computer Graphics Research: The Tech Demos of SIGGRAPH

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